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Pawan Kalyan, a socio-political phenomenon

Mr. Pawan Kalyan is a phenomenon in the social and political sphere. It takes time to understand this but for any keen observer it becomes very clear with a bit of thought that he is a leader with a social-political reform in his mind. A phenomenon is a fact or an occurrence that is recognisable easily as it is very visible and present all the time. It is inescapably obvious.

Mr. Kalyan has been a public personality through his films for nearly two decades now. During this time, his persona has taken shape and changed from being not only a film star but a socially conscious individual who spurs people to act for good. His followers run into several lakhs, which is a known fact. However, unlike many personalities, he has managed to keep his following on the social path and did not let the volatility of public life disturb his equilibrium. There is a consistency in his public life which is attaining superb recognition from one and all. This consistency is about sticking to values, convictions and beliefs. By being dedicated to a set of values, his visible self is as close to his real self. This is what makes him what he is today in the minds of people.

His keen political awareness and his dedication to serve society are well known. His political entry with the launch of Jana Sena is clearly not to become one more political party with an intention to garner positions but to give voice to the people’s frustration. Jana Sena is the voice he is creating to help the frustration of the people be heard. His dedication is to society which he serves through this action in the realm of politics.

Mr. Kalyan wants to connect the state of our society with the state of our politics. He wants to help establish the vital link between society and politics. He has already been highly successful in creating in the minds of people that strong character and clean conduct in public is of great importance. Now he is taking a great new leap to ring in a new dimension to the political landscape. And that newness is that politics, in Mr. Kalyan’s own words, “is not to be seen in isolation from society. Society generally detests politicians and with good reason, but they are people who are coming from amidst us and one must not shirk the responsibility that everyone of us have in creating the right political leaders and environment”.

Mr. Kalyan’s announcement of Jana Sena comes at a time when the Andhra Pradesh state politics is deeply divided and when the frustrations of public have reached an all time high. Mr. Kalyan has his sights set on a socio-political change that we need rather than just a new group of people governing us. A deep change needs to be undertaken, in his view, to rid us of the problems that come from politicking. This change takes time and consistent effort. Such efforts cannot be taken up by being away from the political field.

His launching of Jana Sena is bound to inspire confidence and faith in society and will bring more and more people to serve society. His voice has garnered respect among people because of his public conduct. He is today a socio-political phenomenon, which influences young minds and fills the rest with an anticipation of something useful his leadership would do.

He himself however downplays it by saying that he is preparing himself and Jana Sena for a longer innings than just flash about before the elections. His vision is set far ahead of the present and he wants to shape his party and followers to bring lasting results in society, and thereby bringing positive results in politics.

He has prepared himself for nearly 20 years to be where he is. His story is that of a dedicated effort to come into the socio-political sphere with a message that is profound and true. His focus being the long term effects he and Jana Sena are going to have on the society, one can expect that there will be gradual work painstakingly taken up to educate, empower and establish a new political force.

As Mr. Kalyan launches his political organisation and party, Jana Sena, there is great excitement and also expectation from him about how he will establish this party. Whilst his views will be clear to all in the launch itself, his pursuit of service to society will be more and more visible in the actions he will take in the weeks, months and years to come.