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Undile Manchi Kalam Mundu Munduna

‘Life is Beautiful’ fame Sudhakar Komakula as hero, ‘Vundile Manchi Kalam Mundu Munduna’ is being made by Arun Dasyam under Aam Aadmi Pictures banner with Ravirash Dasyam as producer. Naresh, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Poornima, Karthik, Avanthika Mohan and Neethu Choudary are the lead cast. Ram Narayan has provided the music. The film is going to be releasing on 5th of December. The film unit held press conference on Wednesday to update the film details.

On the eve of film’s release, Naresh said, “Teaser is very apt to the present trend. The film is targeted to youth, mass and family audience. I’m very confident that the film will create the new trend. Radhika and I did very important roles. Scenes between father and son’s relations ship were crafted wonderfully. The film is going to be releasing in US and UK as well. And producers have plans to screen ‘Vundile Manchi kalam Mundu Munduna’ in Colombo also.”

Sudhakar said, “Title, teaser and music have got positive response from the audience. We have made the film with perfect planning. It will bring to mind the incidents that happened in their childhood in hometown. Camera work and music will be very interesting and the film will be very soothing. Acting a long side with Naresh and Radhika is most memorable experience.”

Speaking at the press meet, Karthik said, “Audio has got good response. This is my first film. My character in the film looks like a boy in the next door. Acting a long side with Naresh is a good experience.”

Director Arun Dasyam said, “Each and everyone in the team have supported me a lot. The film has beautiful scenes.”

“Audio has got good response and trailers too impressed audience. I’m confident that the film will impress everyone,” said the producer.

Neethu Choudary, Poornima, Shakalaka Shankar, Dayanand and Madhavi have played important roles.

Editing: Praveen Pudi; Camera: Eswar Kiran; Dialogues: Ravi Mallu; Fights: Dragon Prakash; Dance Master: Krishna Reddy; Lyrics: Rahman and Vasudeva Murthy.