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Emilia Clarke Article about Terminator Genisys


KhaliSSi to wow viewers as SARah connor in terminator genisys Emmy award nominee - Emilia Clarke, better known for her role as Khalissi 'Daenerys Targaryen' in the hugely popular Game of Thrones series will be seen travelling back in time as Sarah Connor in upcoming action entertainer, Terminator Genisys. Ending the wait for the fan boys, this rendition of Terminator will also witness the comeback of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger with veteran director Alan Taylor veering this film into a new direction. While Emilia admits that working with Arnold is daunting and rather intimidating at first, she was surprised to find that he's not only charming and funny but also sweet and kind, and brilliant with the rest of the crew. But what actually helped calm her nerves was the fact that Alan Taylor - who also directed Game of Thrones was the captain of this ship as well. "Alan's probably the reason why I got the job if I'm honest. And so getting to work with him again was just joyful. It really took the edge off. Knowing that you're going to do a scene and there's someone there who knows you and has got your back and knows what you can and can't do. So he knew how to get the good stuff out of me!" - she added. This film opens in the future and is a complete re-imagining of the Terminator universe based on the Cameron source material. Terminator Genisys follows the lives of Sarah Connor, John Connor, Kyle Reese and the terminators in a relentless race through time. With high octane action, the heart of this the film will remain to be a beautiful story about relationships. Distributed by Viacom18 Motion Pictures in India Terminator Genisys releases on July 3rd, 2015.