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I had a wonderful journey with RGV - Sira Sri

“I experienced unpredictable receiving and unforeseen affection in my journey with RGV in Vijayawada for two days as part of the study tour for the film ‘Vangaveeti’. The journey is like a marathon, starting from arriving at Gannavaram airport to stepping on to the plane. Large number of cars, bikes, fans including followers of Vangaveeti, tight security arrangements, unipole cutouts, Jai Jai slogans and many more in our way to the city. He is not a leader, or a star hero, or a star director who made films with star hero. RGV is not just a renowned person from the film industry, he is beyond cinema. My anxiety is continued to be increasing even after travelling with him from decades.

We all know that yesteryears college students have become big fans of RGV after he delivered ‘Shiva’. They all have reached middle age now. The complaint from those people is that RGV of ‘Shiva’ and ‘Kshana Kshanam’ is different and today’s RGV is different. After watching the love and affection shown by the thousands of students of Koneru Lakshmaiah University, I have decided to describe my journey with RGV.

They might have not known ‘Shiva’ and ‘Kshana Kshanam’. They might have going to school during the time of ‘Sarkar’. Despite of all these, they received RGV with great love and affection. He has given variety answers to their funny questions. The students greeted him with whistles. Some students have taken autographs, selfies and RGV’s handprints on their T-shirts. Police had made tight security arrangements.

His personality, intelligence and erratic behaviour is thousand times bigger than his films. Therefore he grabbed 17-22 age group. RGV personality has permanently set frequency to get tuned to 17-22 age group. RGV’s glory will last forever.”