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Small time producers goes on strike against theaters lease digital technology

Producers expressed solidarity with RK Goud who has been fighting against theaters lease, Qubes and UFO. All producers gathered today at premises of Film Chamber in Hyderabad and have come up with the decision to stage a dharna to resolve theater lease system in Telugu film industry.

Here are their demands:

A sort of producers group is ruling the Telugu film industry in both Telugu states and this group has complete control over the theaters. If available also they are charging Rs 10,800 to 12,000 in the name of Qubes and UFO, whereas Qubes are available for around Rs 2,500 in other states. It is completely injustice to small producers. For example, to release a film in Satyam Theater Qube/UFO managers are charging Rs 2,50,000 for one week instead of Rs 1,30,000 from producers. They are filling their pockets. What about small producers. They are collecting money without even paying taxes to government and making everything black. It’s all a sort of producers’ mafia. We must protect our film industry from those mafia. Theaters must not run with lease system, they should run with percentage system. So that it will be helpful to small producers. We are planning to sit for hunger strike in front of Qubes and UFO managers’ offices. We will continue the strike till we get justice from CMs of both Telugu states.

RK Goud, Sai Venkat, GV Chowdary, Jadcharla Nagaraju, Prasad, Suresh Kumar, Srirangam Sathish, Pasupuleti Kishan Yadav and Maddi Veera Reddy and some others have participated in the strike.