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Is Veda really no more?


Social, the 13 episode digital showcasing by Viu has brought to us an intriguing thriller while showcasing the menace that social media can bring upon us at any given time. The show weaves a narrative about an innocent teenager, Veda who gets kidnapped to be exploited in the world of exotic partying. Her brother, Prithvi with the help of his friends tries to locate her whereabouts and unravels dark secrets hidden on the internet.

The series started with tech tycoon, Vikram Sampath (played by the sensational Rana Daggubati) addressing the country to start online campaigns via viral videos. The spark he initiated led to a social revolution when Prithvi's childhood friend Neelesh started the #ShameShamePuppyShame campaign in the hopes to find Veda.

So far the show has kept us hooked to our screens with riveting twists and the recent episode doesn't fail to keep up the thrill. Starting on a brighter note, we understand that the commissioner on Veda's case has made a breakthrough and decides to bring Prithvi in for a conversation. He confronts Prithvi about his hacking activities online and Prithvi confesses that he did venture into the dark web to find clues that could bring Veda home. Understanding Prithvi's concerns, the commissioner tries to help the gang. When Myra identifies Jithu to the police, together they plan to set a trap to catch him.

The story moves to Chaand's hardware store where Nidhi fixes the broken tape recorder hidden inside Ramaswamy's pen with the help of Chaand and realizes that his life is in danger. Meanwhile, KK's father is in a dilemma as he has to choose between his family and an impending political storm he will face if he doesn't fulfill his duty towards the society as a minister. Jithu uploads the video of KK attacking Veda and Nidhi breaks it to Prithvi that Veda has passed away.

How does Nidhi know of Veda's death? Is Veda really no more?