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Jiiva's Gypsy to be streamed on Aha


 Jiiva of 'Rangam' fame has played the lead in the movie, 'Gypsy'. This movie, directed by Raju Murugan, will be streamed on Aha OTT platform from 17th July.

Jiiva said, "I play a character, who considers the world as his home. He is a guy who roams around the country. The concept is unique. We are sure that the Telugu audiences will love this character and the movie. Movie has no boundaries now. Audiences are enjoying all kinds of movies and web series now".

Director Raju Murugan said, "I am a journalist and I love travelling. I have been to many places and came across characters like gypsy. I wrote the film based on such characters. There is no equality and unity in our society. All the friction in society is because of that. I've added it as the main point in the movie. I hope Telugu audiences will love the movie".