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First Look of 'Vitamin She' unveiled


'Vitamin She' is a concept-based movie starring Sreekanth Gurram in the lead. The actor has been familiar to the viewrs of short films and indie outings. Prachi Thaker, who has acted in two Gujarati films so far, is its heroine. Ranjith Reddy, Vikas, Moin, Sanjeev Joshi, Ashok and others are part of the cast. Director Vijay Shankar of 'Paper Boy' has said that the film has got something to do with Artificial Intelligence in terms of story.

"AI has come to dominate a number of spheres. What consequences such a domination can have is the crux of our film. It's a satire. Nothing can replace human emotions. There are four major characters in the story," the director said, unveiling the First Look.

The film is going to be released soon. With music by PVR Raju, its cinematography is by Siva Prasad. Editing is by LN Studios. Produced by Ravi Polishetty, its story is by the director himself.