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Madhavi Latha makes strong comments on Pawan Kalyan


 Starlet and BJP leader Madhavi Latha is miffed with Pawan Kalyan. It's not because she, a die-hard loyalist of Power Star, has fallen out with him. It's because she thinks Power Star has cared to reply to the birthday wishes of people who had never supported his politics.

In a long Facebook post, Madhavi Latha stated, without taking names, that those who never supported Jana Sena are now faking their love for Pawan Kalyan on his birthday. "They never said, 'Vote for Pawan Kalyan' even once," Madhavi Latha lamented.

She suggested that some people who have no genuine love for Pawan are showering 'love' on him. She urged the Jana Sena chief to care only about those who genuinely admire him.

Madhavi Latha said that some of them are publicity-mongers and nothing else.

On September 2, Power Star replied to a number of celebrities and non-film personalities, something he has done for the first time.