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Youthful trailer of 'Mr & Miss' is out!


'Mr & Miss' stars Sailesh Sunny and Gnaneswari Kandregula in lead roles. It's directed by Ashok Reddy. The film's trailer is out. The movie will release in theatres on January 29.

Speaking at the film's trailer launch event, Madhura Sridhar said, "Ashok Reddy is one of my favourite persons. He has previously made 'O Stree Repu Raa'. He always comes up with new concepts. Although I advised him to release 'Mr & Miss' on OTT, he disagreed. He has been perseverent about releasing the movie only in theatres. This is coming across as another 'RX 100'."

The director said that 'Mr & Miss' is a beautiful love story. "What happens when a couple films their romantic moments and the video lands in the pockets of a third person? That's the most interesting part of the movie. This is a bold movie. We have released the trailer without a single liplock moment. This is a crowd-funded movie produced by 50-100 people. I thank them all for keeping faith in me," he added.

Actress Gnaneswari said, "We have made the film keeping in mind our commitment towards the many investors. There is romance in the movie but it is in keeping with the story. Besides romantic scenes, there are a lot of emotional scenes as well in 'Mr & Miss'."

Editing is by Carthik Cuts. Lyrics are by Pawan Rachepalli. Art Direction is by Kareesh Kumar. Cinematography is by Siddham Manohar. Music is by Yashwant Nag. Dialogues are by Sudheer Varma.