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'Psycho Varma' runs into trouble, director to move court


'Psycho Varma', a satirical film on Ram Gopal Varma, comes with the tagline 'Veedu Theda'. Directed by producer-director Natti Kumar, the film stars Natti Kranthi as the hero. Presented by Sridhar Potthuri, the film is produced jointly by Natti Karuna and Anurag Kancharla. Krishna Priya, Sampoorna Malakar are the lead pair.

The news is that the Censor Board has objected to the title. In a statement today, Natii Kumar has expressed his displeasure over the development. He alleged that the Board has maintained double standards and the latest development, he opined, is reflective of its culture. "The Board members have asked me to remove the word 'Psycho in the title. They also gave me the option of changing the title altogether. We have seen movie titles using the word 'Psycho' in the past. Why is it that only this film is being objected to? I am planning to move the court against the Board," Natti Kumar said.

The film also stars Appaji, Meena, Roopa Lakshmi, Chammak Chandra, Ramya and others. Music is by SA Khaddus.