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'Maa Ishtam' is going to impress one and all: RGV


'Maa Ishtam', starring Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly in lead roles, is set to hit the cinemas on April 8. This is the first Telugu film to narrate a love story between two women, its director Ram Gopal Varma has said.

Speaking at a presser in Hyderabad, producer T Ramasathyanarayana said, "It gives a lot of kick when I get to work with RGV. 'Maa Ishtam' is a wonderful film only he could have made. If 'RRR' features two big heroes, 'Maa Ishtam' features two sexy heroines. And then there is RGV himself."

Naina Ganguly said, "I have worked with RGV previously as well but playing a lesbian in 'Maa Ishtam' has been a distinctive experience. It's easy to do romantic scenes with a male actor but not with a female actor. I was uncomfortable in the initial phases of shooting. That said, as an actor, I have to do my part. I hope the audience loves our movie."

Apsara Rani said, "My only aim as an actor is to do a variety of roles. As soon as I listened to the script of 'Maa Ishtam', I came on board. RGV's movies are always exciting. 'Maa Ishtam' is a kind of a thriller."

RGV said, "This one is a crime drama wherein the lead actors are a lesbian couple. It was easy to convince Apsara but not easy to convince Naina. Nowhere in the world has anyone shot a romantic song on two women."