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Adivi Sesh on a roll as 'HIT 2' grosses big in two days


Adivi Sesh’s crime thriller 'HIT 2' is roaring at the box-office, catapulting its hero to the next stage in the pecking order. The film grossed about Rs 11 Cr on its opening day. Following a grand second day, its worldwide gross stands at Rs 20 Cr for two days.

"KD and Max hit it big," the makers said, where KD stands for Sesh's character name Krishna Dev and Max is the name of his pet dog in the film.

In the US and other foreign countries, having grossed more than half a million dollars, it is now racing ahead to reach the one-million-dollar mark. The Sailesh Kolanu directorial grossed $197,245 on Saturday in the US and other countries.

For producer Nani and his Wall Poster Cinema, the film is a huge boost to increase the scale of 'HIT 3', which will star Natural Star Nani himself as the hero.