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Non-Telugu artists irritate me: Harish Shankar


Harish Shankar recently said that, as a filmmaker, he likes to work with Telugu-speaking artists. The star director of remakes like 'Gabbar Singh' and 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh' revealed something interesting while making the remarks.

"I am someone who changes lines after a take. If a Mumbai artist asks for time to prepare, it irritates me. That's why I would like to work with Telugu actresses but it's not possible all the time," the 'DJ' director said.

A Netizen wondered if changing lines on the go is some sort of virtue that the director is feeling so proud of. "The director was speaking as if changing lines on the set is a positive thing. Any artist would want some time to prepare and digest the dialogue. Recently, even a legend like Chiranjeevi criticized directors for writing dialogues on set," he added.

Harish Shankar can avert irritation by writing the script in the scripting stage itself.