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Has the pandemic finished RGV's career?


It's time to take stock of Ram Gopal Varma's journey in 2022. He is one director whose three films have bombed at the box office and nobody even knows about their existence. 'Liger' bombed too but the audience at least took its bombing seriously. With RGV's films, people can't care less.

'Konda', which hit the cinemas in June, sank without a trace. There was another movie named 'Ladki', which was touted to be India's first female-centric martial arts movie. Nobody knows if it even found theatres.

Last week, 'Dangerous' arrived at theatres but nobody cared. RGV had tried his best to put the film in the news cycle by literally sucking Ashu Reddy's toes during a promotional event. Even the video clip took time to go viral.

Before the pandemic, RGV's films used to find traction among a section of the Tollywood media at least. Since last year, even the media is not showing any interest in his duds.