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Perni Nani gives appointment to controversial filmmaker


Andhra Pradesh Cinematography Minister Perni Nani and Ram Gopal Varma have been having an argument over the cinema ticket rates in AP. On Wednesday, the Minister pulled off a surprise by asking RGV to sit across the table with him to discuss the issue. Nani wants ticket prices to be low, while RGV wants market forces to determine the rates.

"If you let me meet you, I will come over and explain our grievances to you in detail. I hope you carefully listen to them and take a decision," RGV wrote, tagging the Minister.

At this, the Minister replied, "Thank you, RGV garu. We shall surely meet soon."

Moments later, the director said that he would like to put an end to the spate of arguments and counters. "To all concerned, since there is a favourable response from the honourable cinematography minister Perni Nani, I wish to put this needless controversy to an end," RGV tweeted.