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Fans of PK, Prabhas & others orchestrate stupid controversies!


In a way, the fans of Tollywood cine stars are these days behaving like the juvenile fans of Thalapathy Vijay and Thala Ajith. The fans of the Kollywood stars notoriously trend deplorable and sensational hashtag trends attacking rival actors.

Looks like the fans of some Telugu stars are slowly getting smitten by the useless culture. The other day, some Jana Sena Party supporters allegedly criticized Prabhas. Political party supporters can say a hundred things. It doesn't make the leader of that party necessarily guilty.

Yet, Prabhas' fans have been trending #PKShouldSayApologizeToPrabhas on Twitter. (Side Note: The hashtag is grammatically incorrect. For all their faults, the fans of Kollywood stars at least don't commit such grammatical errors in the very name of the hashtag).

Recently, when a Minister used the words 'Jr NTR oh, boniar NTR oh', Tarak's fans trended #JaganShouldApologizeJrNTR.

As the Assembly and General elections of 2024 near, we should be prepared for more such orchestrated trends that are a storm in the teacup!