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'Nenevaru': Makers say the romantic thriller enjoys strong buzz


The romantic suspense thriller 'Nenevaru' is going to hit the cinemas on December 2. Starring Kola Balakrishna and Sakshi Chaudhary as the lead pair, the film is directed by Nirnay Palnati.

At the film's pre-release event, Balakrishna thanked producers Bheemaneni Siva Prasad and Tanneeru Ram Babu. He also remembered his father Kola Bhaskar, whose last film as an Editor 'Nenevaru' is.

Sakshi Chaudhary, who is paired up with Balakrishna in the film, said that the film has been done with proper care. She added that the pre-release materials have created a strong buzz around 'Nenevaru'.

'Kalakeya' Prabhakar has a consequential role. Tanishq Rajan has an important role as well.