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'Kantara' is the best-ever Hindutva movie: Netizens


Hindutva-inclined Netizens are backing 'Kantara' like anything ever since it was released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi on October 15. The film may not be a huge thing in Hindi and Tamil, but it's definitely on its way to crossing the figures made by 'KGF 1' in Telugu.

Since the Rishab Shetty-starrer roots its story in folk tradition and the Hindu God Lord Vishnu's third Avatar is an important element of the climactic narration, Hindutva votaries are saying that 'Kantara' is quite special. They are of the view that realistic films like 'The Kashmir Files' (Hindi) are in the socio-political realm, while 'Kantara' is in the realm of religio-cultural realm.

Hindu activist Pankaj Saxena says that 'Kantara', produced by Hombale Films, is overtly Hindu. "Raw! Visceral! Existential! Unprecedented! And flagrantly Hindu! That is what Kantara is, and oh how! It is a celebration of ‘Being Hindu’. It is a movie made by the Deva himself," he tweets in gushing praise of the film.