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'Owner Gari Ammayi' Episode-6: It's time for an outpouring of emotions!


What The Fun Telugu is back with the newest episode of 'Owner Gari Ammayi', the web series. The previous episodes have been ruling the roost, logging lakhs of views.

In the latest episode, Siddu (SatyaKrishna) and Lahari (Deekshika Jadav) only get further close to each other. Siddu thoughtfully says that he would like to know what may be bothering Lahari and only then make it an official love relationship. Meanwhile, he starts playing pranks on her by behaving as though he is getting attracted to the mystery girl Akasha Vani. He also conjures up Akasha Ramanna through a fake love letter addressed to the puzzled Lahari.

In the last segment, a character pours out his emotions and pain while boozing with Siddu and her girl bestie. And then a reveal comes.

At about 30 minutes, the episode is a healthy mix of comedy, sentiment and romance. Written and Directed by Raghava Rag's, this one is produced by Shilpa Maddineni.