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Pawan Kalyan's fans hate political satire in reviews


A large section of Pawan Kalyan's fans expect film reviews to steer clear of political commentary and satire. This has become clear in recent days.

A video review brought out by a Mumbai-based YouTube channel satirically mocked the fact that Pawan's loyal fans themselves didn't cast their vote in favour of Jana Sena in 2019. It is no secret that Pawan himself has pointed out in the past. Yet, thousands of fans are irked that the video review of 'Bro' highlights the reality.

In a display of laughable irrationality, fans have amplified the review on an epic scale. The original video hardly had 40K views. After the controversy, Pawan's fans ensured that the satirical part of the review got 1.4 million views from just one tweet.

Pawan's fans are insisting that film critics and Tollywood media have no business making political comments in reviews. They want reviews to focus just on the content in the film.