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Actress keeps Allu Arjun's fans busy, but why?


On Saturday, something curious happened when 'Varudu' actress Bhanushree Mehra tweeted out that she had been blocked by Allu Arjun on Twitter. The tone of her tweet suggested that, after 'Varudu', her career didn't pick up in Tollywood. She also wondered why Bunny had blocked her in the first place on social media.

After she created a storm in a teacup, the 'Pushpa' actor's team swung into action and got her unblocked. The actress came back and tweeted about the same. She clarified that she didn't blame the 'Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo' actor for her career-related setbacks.

"To clarify, I NEVER blamed him for my career setbacks. Instead, I have learned to find humor in my struggles and keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more laughs and good vibes," she wrote, thanking the Icon Star for being a sport.

Through the developments, Bunny's fans were busy trolling her. "Why on earth did Bhanushree do all this?" some Netizens are asking. She ostensibly wanted her YouTube channel to become popular, as her first tweet included a URL to her channel.