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Vijay Antony thanks Telugus for making 'Bichagadu 2' a hit


'Bichagadu 2' has been a decent hit in the Telugu States. Vijay Antony, the film's lead actor and director, is on cloud nine. On Saturday, he hosted a sumptuous dinner party for beggars in Rajahmundry. On Sunday, he was there in Vizag to thank the audience.

Writer Bhashya Sri said that a lot of films that are hyped up like anything don't last even two days in theatres. In contrast, 'Bichagadu 2' has been doing solidly well in theatres more than a week after its release. "Vijay Antony's last few films are an example that some films are not hits if they don't reach the masses," the makers added, thanking the producers for extraordinary promotions.

As per the makers, the sister sentiment and the climax have worked so well.

Distributor Satyanarayana said that the audience compared the movie with the 2016 release 'Bichchagadu' and that's why the collections have been solid. Distributor Suresh thanked the producers for the opportunity to distribute the Summer release.

Distributor Veeri Naidu said that the film is running to packed houses in Andhra Pradesh despite the heavy challenge these days for most films to draw audiences to cinemas.

Vizag MLC Vamsi Krishna Yadav said, "I want Telugu people to support this movie. Vijay Antony is helping cancer patients and poor people."

Producer Fatima Vijay Antony said that she was overwhelmed by the success. "We were a bit confused about the distribution aspect for the Telugu version. But business deals happened just like that. One or two producers were like brothers to me. Our confidence grew after they offered to release the movie in Telugu," she added.

Hero Vijay Antony said that he is going to do 'Bichagadu 3' soon. The film will hit the marquee in 2025 or early 2026. He thanked his wife Fatima for standing with him and the Telugu audience for their love.