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Mega producer says harsh reviews can trigger suicides


At a film event on Monday, Mega compound producer Bunny Vass suggested that harsh language is best avoided by film reviewers. The producer, known for hits like 'Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy', is of the opinion that unforgiving language trashing a movie can trigger an extreme step by the producer.

"The producer would already be depressed if the word of mouth is negative. And harsh language in the reviews can mentally devastate him further. He might want to kill himself," Bunny Vass said.

At the same event, Dil Raju wondered if reviews can be delayed by a couple of days. There was a time when reviews would appear a week after the theatrical release. But now, reviews appear in the web media within two hours of the first domestic show.

Harsh language is mainly used by YouTubers, who literally debunk films by using words like 'Chetta', 'Rod', etc.