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'Month Of Madhu' has been made without calculations: Makers


'Month Of Madhu' is a coming-of-age relationship drama slated to hit the cinemas on October 6. Producer Yaswanth Mulukutla on Sunday hosted its pre-release event in Hyderabad. Naveen Chandra, Swathi Reddy and Shreya Navile, among others associated with the film, graced the occasion. Siddhu Jonnalagadda was its chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Swathi (playing a lover girl and a wife) said that 'MOM' is like a geometric circle, not a formula that can be predicted. "Every character has been given dignified treatment. Shreya is a surprise in the movie. Her lines and character will be remembered by everyone. Our film will speak for itself," she added.

Harsha Chemudu said that the audience have been embracing the movie right from the time its teaser was released. "It was like reuniting with a family for this movie. Earlier, we worked on 'Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna'," the actor added.

Director Srikanth Nagothi said that Shreya is like his 'Pandem kodi' on whom he is betting a lot. The filmmaker indicated that Shreya's character and performance will be a stand-out feature. "Every task that we do comes with an estimate, expectation. We have made this film without any expectations. We are not insured either," he added.

Naveen Chandra lauded his director and iterated his resolve to do many more movies with him. He described producer Yaswanth as a bundle of energy. "He has been the project's backbone. If 'MOM' has come this far, it is only because of his faith in us and the script. Achu Rajamani's music is magical. Shreya has nailed it with her performance. She has added so much value. She is in for a long haul. Swathi is a kind-natured person who doesn't remember others' hurt. She smiles even at those who hurt her. She is my best friend," he added.

Chief guest and 'DJ Tillu' actor Siddhu said, "Director Srikanth Nagothi is ahead of our times. 'Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna' was released on OTT and it didn't get its due. 'MOM' is getting a theatrical release. I loved the way its trailer opens with Shreya's character. That was unexpected. I welcome Shreya to the Telugu film industry. Every male who has a celeb crush list includes Swathi in the list. Ravikanth Perepu, with whom I did 'Krishna And His Leela', has edited the movie. Achu's music has always been special. I still remember the songs of 'Nenu Meeku Telusa?'. He has multiple tunes ready for any situation. Naveen Chandra is one of my oldest friends. One fantastic thing about him is that he always appreciates the good work done by others."

Also starring Manjula Ghattamaneni, Gnaneswari Kandregula, Raja Chembolu, and Raja Ravindra, the film is a coming-of-age relationship drama.