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'Saindhav': Disaster a setback to 'HIT' franchise?


'Saindhav' was released for Sankranthi amid much boasts by its makers. They expected their film to rake in not just profits but huge profits. The Venkatesh-starrer was reportedly sold for Rs 25 Cr to distributors. By the end of its run, it hasn't made even one-third of the value. The OTT rights, held by Amazon Prime, must have saved the producer from certain financial loss.

The question is, will this scale of poor performance affect director Sailesh Kolanu's 'HIT' franchise? 'HIT 3' is going to be made with Natural Star Nani as the hero. The actor has this defiant attitude of proving everyone wrong. Nani proved it with 'Hi Nanna', which was a risky subject to an extent. As a producer, he is sharp-witted. He knows how to control costs. So, 'HIT 3' will be a safe project on the financial front.

However, content-wise, Sailesh Kolanu has to push the envelope. He was content with a not-so-exciting twist in 'HIT 2'. His backstories carry no wow factor. 'HIT 3' must come up with awesome plotting. Otherwise, it could be the end of the franchise.

Trends are changing thick and fast these days. Kolanu dreams to keep the franchise intact for many years. If a big star has to back 'HIT 4', he must prove something exceptional with 'HIT 3'. Otherwise, it will be impossible to shake off the failure of 'Saindhav'.