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Her slender, serene good looks match the silent unblemished water drop casted down from the heavy dark lightning clouds. With a frozen spectacle of her lovely smile and the articulately expressing gemmed eyes that embellish her glorious beauty… the sensuous blossom spread her radiance in the Telugu tinsel world. She captivated the audience with "Istam" and a huge fanfare with her sensational "Santhosham". Let us hear what the mesmerizing damsel and the successful heroine, the lovely shriya says in a dialogue with Ragalahari...

shriya... do you have any childhood nostalgia or sweet memoirs?
I have had immense interest for dance ever since my childhood. I still bear in mind the memory of me walking together with my mother, holding her hands, for my dance classes. One of the lovable memories I recollect till day.

Do your friends treat you specially and unusually after this fame?
They don't treat me specially. They welcome me as usual. My friends see my films and appreciate me. They let me know the slip-ups and mistakes I do when they give me a call.

Can you initiate about your parents...
My mother, Mrs. Niraja Sharan is a chemistry teacher and dad, Mr. Pushpendra Sharan work for BHEL.

Can u tell us any circumstance where you were disciplined for your conduct either by your parents or teachers?
No there aren't any. I studied in the same school where my mother worked as a teacher. So I had some special attachment with the teachers. I was accustomed to call my teachers as "Aunty".

Your education...
I have completed B.A. Second year in L.S.R. College, Delhi. I am doing my final year in correspondence. I want to complete at the least my graduation.

Your relation with parents?
My parents give me a lot of support. Without my parents I couldn't have done anything till now. They like me and encourage me very much. I don't do any work without their support.

Your much-loved past time?
I chat with my friends. Mostly I do that.

Do you have any plans for your marriage?
I feel I am still a kid. I didn't think about marriage till date. As far as I am concerned I like both the marriages, love as well as arranged. I especially like the after love in an arranged marriage.

What is your favorite place?
In India, it happens to be Haridwar. The river there has a great curvature and bends. The water is blue, giving a blue snake impression on the minds. In the mornings the river is dappled in silver wherever the sunshine falls on it. I feel that the sky is embraced to meet the earth in Haridwar. Mountains are Green hued. I am truly a nature lover.

Your coming into the movies must be making you miss the life outside?
When I was working for "Istam", I didn't pay much interest for acting. I never thought I would be entering this industry. After "Santosham" I really started liking this profession. At present I am enjoying my performance and I don't think I am missing a life outside.

If anybody points out that you are really a very bad actor! What effect would that give on you?
I never feel bad for that. I ask everyone to point my off-putting presentations. The negative comments and suggestions are very much precious for me than the appreciation I get for my good work. If I know my mistakes I would help myself in preventing them any further.

Did you feel nervous while working with anyone?
No. Till now I happened to do only two movies. I didn't feel nervous.

What do you like in you the most?
Everyone say that it's my smile that's absolute. I am always happy. I think that is the thing I like the most in me.

What if you are compared to other heroines?
Everybody has his or her own way of acting. We can never compare two. The styles are different. I care little for such things.

What are the points that you like the most in a person?
I like sense of humor. Some people condense very big things in very few words. I like such people.

What things you take as a Joke?
I take everything as a joke. I laugh and make others laugh. Nothing is serious to me.

Do you lie?
No. Even if I try, people get me. I am a very bad liar.

What type of dressing do you like mostly?
I like Sari very much. I love to wear a Sari and beautify myself with a bindhi. Jeans and shirts are of course always common.

What's your adored song lyric?
Mai jindhagika Tum saath nibhanaa... That's Devanand's film song. I like it very much.

shriya… In you does mind control your body or the body controls your mind?
Both happen and sometimes simultaneously. Sometimes it's the mind that controls and at times my body controls my mind. Mostly my heart rules me.

Mostly what kind of dreams you get?
I get lots of dreams. I dream that I have become a good actor, a good dancer and some more similar to them...

What are the best compliments that you have received till now?
I think the compliments paid by my mom are the best. Sometimes mom calls me darling. I love to get called as such by mom.

What is your future plan?
No I don't plan anything for future. Though "Istam" was not a sensational hit, it was a huge plus. I am getting offers for good characters. I don't have any problem right now. I wish to marry and settle in a happy life at a correct time.

What you don't like in you or to be within you?
I believe in people blindly. I get problems through them afterwards. This is the big bad thing in me. And I am a very stubborn person. If I want anything, I want that.

What is the one good habit in you?
Probably... that is I getting up early in the mornings.

Will you be in favor to do negative roles in movies, if offered?
If the director of the film says that I will surely suit the purpose, I am positive do the negative role. In the sets I will follow the directors advice and instructions.

Any special delight or relishes for food?
The food I cherish is mostly Indian. I love to eat Chapathi and Roti's.

Did you ever feel lonely and forlorn?
Sometimes I sense loneliness. In lonesome, I read books. I believe good books are really good friends.

How did you get that first step into the movies?
Even that was a surprise to me. I was given an opportunity in "Istam" unexpectedly. Mr. Rao was searching for an innocent face for "Istam". He found me and that was my initial step into the Telugu cinema.

Did you have any language problem? Any setback or hindrance?
There wasn't much problem. Everything was normal.

Your Date of Birth?
11th September.

Your leisure pursuits and relaxation…
I enjoy dancing, reading books, and chatting with people. I spend my time in gym and also in swimming.

What are your upcoming obligations and proposals?
I have A.M. Ratnam's Sravanthi Arts picture, with Tarun. I am also working with Bala Krishna and Tabu in a film directed by Mr.V.V.Vinayak.

There is a tittle-tattle going in the industry that a producer has booked you in his film for Rs.25 lakhs. How far it is factual?
Ya! It is correct. I am to be cast opposite Bala Krishna in a film produced by Mr. Bellamkonda Suresh.

Updated on July 18, 2005