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Nani - Jersey Interview


Nani starrer Jersey is all set for release this Friday. Much expectations are pinned on this film. Nani talks about the film and much more...

Jersey is an emotional journey: Nani

Does this film have anything to do with late Raman Lamba?
I have heard these rumours. The answer is no. The film has nothing to do with the late cricketer. Probably when the trailer was released someone felt that and the news just got copied. The film is totally fiction.

Are you a cricket buff?
Not really. I used to play in school and I was the extra player in the team. As I grew up also there was no great love for cricket. Just that I used to see it when it was on Television. But now after working in Jersey, I have started loving the sport.

What prep work did you do for this film?
I did a lot of preparations for this film. I learnt cricket at the Daniels Cricket Academy in Hyderabad. It was not easy and took a while for me to get a hang of it.

There is a father-son angle in the film?
True. This is the very essence of the film. I am sure everyone who sees the film will love this angle.

How was it to work with Gautham?
I just loved his narration. He is honest about what he does and the film has shaped well. When I heard this script, I just wanted to do this film at any cost.

Updated on April 18, 2020