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Interview of director & producer on 'FCUK'


'FCUK', starring Jagapathi Babu, Kaarthik and Ammu Abhirami, will release in theatres on February 12. Ahead of its release its producer and director have interacted with the media about the family entertainer.

Producer KL Damodar Prasad:

I look for experience in my directors. I also expect them to be dedicated. Besides, they should have a grasp on all the crafts of filmmaking. If a point they pitch triggers interest in me, I go ahead and work with them. As a producer, I don't settle for any random subject.

Director Vidyasagar Raju has been exposed to the film industry for years. He has seen both highs and lows. He has been through a grind.

We always arrive at the title on the basis of the script. 'FCUK' was supposed to be 'Father Chitti Umaa Karthik'. And we wanted to make it short. We ended up with 'FCUK', which has surprised many. When the title is apt for the story, why should we not go with it?

This movie has got a soul of its own. The subject may or may not be first-of-its-kind. What matters is treatment and presentation.

There is no nudity in the movie. There is no kissing scene event. There are bold dialogues in the movie and they are quite emotional in nature. None of them is forced or vulgar. The censor board didn't beep the bold words/lines because they appreciated the context of the lines. The same words in other films have been beeped in the past.

Publicity is quite important for films like 'FCUK'. That's why we have come up with terms like 'Barasala' for the pre-release event. Since a baby is an important character in the movie, we have used that term.

I wanted to release the movie on January 27. Since 'Ala Modalaindi' had released in January, I was also a bit sentimental about it. But due to the Sankranthi releases and other factors, I took a step back. After announcing my date to be February 12, postponing it wouldn't make sense. I have stuck to the date because I find it better. It's good that the audience, too, have a choice.

Budget is never a constraint for me. I can work with a big star as long as he is ready to team up with me. Only those who have their beliefs in sync with mine will work with me. It's not to say that others are wrong. They have their own set of norms for themselves.

Director Vidyasagar Raju:

When our intentions are right, any title would help. 'FCUK' is about four characters and the title captures it.

Each of the characters belongs to a different age-group in the story. Our movie is about their thinking, conversations and the generational gap. A lot of drama takes place between people belonging to two different ages. But the three generations in a family have intersectionality as well. We have shown all this in a fun manner.

But for Jagapathi Babu garu, it wouldn't' have been possible to make the child artist work. She is a big asset to the movie. Umaa (Ammu Abhirami) is a pediatrician. There is a reason why her character has been designed in a particular way.

There is nothing that is forced in 'FCUK'. The interactions are pure and genuine. Even when an elder character admonishes a child, it doesn't look odd.

The producer was always cooperative. He never interfered with the creative process.  

Updated on February 8, 2021