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Interview of Ahishor Solomon about 'Wild Dog'


Ahishor Solomon awaits the release of 'Wild Dog' on April 2. In this interview, he talks about the uniqueness of the action movie starring Akkineni Nagarjuna in the lead.

I happened to read an article on the 2007 Hyderabad blasts. From that time to the year 2012, the country was in a turbulent state with a number of bomb blasts rocking India. It's in that context that NIA was created by the Centre.

'Wild Dog' traces the dangerous undercover operation of an NIA team and how they chase those who are tutored by the ISI. These operatives, who are on a secret mission, are unsung heroes. Even if they are tortured by enemies or killed in action, their names don't even appear in news reports.

Films of this nature are rarely made. Nagarjuna garu is gutsy. I was apprehensive since 'Wild Dog' doesn't have any song. There is no separate comedy track. At the same time, it is extremely pulsating and engaging. I was a bit hesitant but also confident that Nag garu will accept the story.

Although 'Wild Dog' is based on true incidents, there is a little bit of dramatization. The protagonist's character is not exactly similar to the real-life NIA sleuths.

The trailer has received all-round appreciation. Since there is action in the movie, the film is mass-y. The action scenes have been woven around emotions in the film.

Sound effects are a crucial aspect of 'Wild Dog'. Both sound and BGM are pivotal in telling the story. Thaman's BGM is a huge asset. His work was brilliant in the trailer, too.

As per the story, we had to shoot the film in Nepal and some action scenes in Thailand. Due to the pandemic, foreign schedules were cancelled. We did a recce of Sikkim, where lockdown was not lifted in time. We then chose Himachal Pradesh, where we found beautiful locations in places like Manali.

'Wild Dog' has a sense of believability. Nag garu is a star hero. But you will see only Vinay Varma in the movie. The faces around him are believable. Unless the actors around him are like that, you won't buy into Nag garu.

In terms of research, I did my homework and also learned things from my friends, many of whom are journalists. After my graduation, I did Mass Communication degree. I got an opportunity in films soon after my studies. Since I am fluent in Hindi, I entered Bollywood.

Shaam Kaushal and David Ismene have done a superb job with action sequences. The latter worked on 'Fast & Furious', among others. He trained the actors in how to hold weapons. Due to the lockdown last year, he couldn't visit India. That's when we chose Shaam, who is a highly-paid Bollywood stunt master. His work is a huge asset to the film. We shot in the coolest areas and in the forest. Thanks to the efficient team, we could complete the schedules in inclement weather.

The run-time of the movie is 126 minutes. Ali Reza and others have done a great job.  

Updated on March 24, 2021