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Interview of Priyamani about 'Narappa'


Actress Priyamani who got a fresh start in her career after her appearance in Hindi's popular web series Family Man is back to Tollywood with Narappa. Being a remake of Tamil's critically acclaimed movie 'Asuran' Priyamani shares her experience working with Venkatesh, Srikanth Addala, and others.

Q. How did this movie happen to you?
A. I had already watched 'Asuran'. So, when I was offered to play this rustic role, I knew how much scope I had as an actress. I was so excited and accepted the role instantly. I feel lucky to appear in this role in Narappa.

Q. After watching Manju Warrior in the role, what kind of homework did you have to do to match the role?
A. An actor has his/her own way of portrayal. I just made a sketch of what I can do for this role of a village-oriented lady.

Q. Going with the trailer of Narappa, it gives a rustic appeal. Do you have to say anything about the output you have got?
A. I am sure our hard work appears on the screens. Venkatesh's look and idiosyncrasy catches my attention. I wonder how Srikanth Addala manages to bring out those emotions in a balancing manner. From the costumes,slang, body language etc, everything was so hard to conceive, yet so easy.

Q. What was the most challenging thing while working for Narappa?
A. The making of one of the most emotional scenes from the movie. I do not want to reveal anything related to that scene as I believe it would spoil the suspense.

Q. How was it working with Srikanth Addala?
A. I am so happy to have worked with a director like him. He is so supportive and this movie would reveal another side of the director.

Q. A few words about working with Venkatesh?
A. Venkatesh sir is a seasoned actor. I stay inspired and we share a friendly rapport. It was fun, as well as a great experience working with an actor of that stature.

Q. What aspects to consider before watching Narappa?
A. Narappa has a message. A family movie with deeper emotions. Some things are subtly conveyed in the movie, and that is why everyone must watch Narappa.

Narappa is all set for a huge release in Amazon Prime on 20th July. The team is currently busy with promotional activities.  

Updated on July 16, 2021