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In 'Anni Manchi Sakunamule', I am a calming influence on family: Gautami


Gautami Tadimalla enjoyed working on 'Anni Manchi Sakunamule', which hits the cinemas on May 18. In this interview, she talks about her character, her journey so far, and making a comeback. "People ask me about the director (Nandini Reddy) and the producers being female. I never go by the gender. Gender and competency needn't be seen as interrelated," Gautami says. "When producer Swapna Dutt called me up and told me only I can do the role in 'AMS', it revived my passion to take up acting after a gap. That's what brought me back on set," Gautami says. The senior actress lauds Swapna Cinema and Vyjayanthi Movies for bringing out a warm project. "Hats off to C Aswini Dutt garu for bringing up his children as passionate individuals," she adds.

I discovered my love for acting as a teenager. Love for my work has always been my biggest motivation. I feel fortunate to be getting work to this day. Cinema is not a one-dimensional industry. Even if you are just an actor, you are working with a number of filmmakers and doing a variety of roles. I also worked as a technician for a decade and my learning curve made me believe that learning never stops in this industry.

In 'Anni Manchi Sakunamule', I play Meenakshi, a dream mother/wife/daughter. She is the balancing and calming force in the family.

My career started with Rajendra Prasad garu's movie in Telugu. It feels great to be paired up with him after all these decades again. He is up-to-date in his acting. Despite having achieved so much, his acting feels so contemporary. He is meticulous and is particular about how others in his frame act. He wants every shot to be correct.

The casting is huge. Credit goes to the producers for pooling in the finest talents. Sowkar Janaki garu acting in this film is going to be an unforgettable gift. She is a sparkling talent. Vennela Kishore is another talented actor. When you are acting with such fine talent, you are challenged.

These days, young filmmakers are picking emotional stories that are rooted in nature. Be it thrillers or emotional stories, their works are reminding us of the indie movement we witnessed in the 1970s. Story-telling receives a fillip when directors dabble in a variety of roles.

I am a Telugu speaker who has been settled in Chennai. I have acted in about 130 films and only four of them featured big stars. I have got to work in a number of film industries. Call it a mindset thing or whatever, I get immersed in a language if I start working there.

I am doing Boyapati Srinu's film starring Ram Pothineni as the hero. In Hindi, I have done a web series. Swapna Dutt is doing a web series for Amazon Prime Video. I am told it has shaped up really well. I enjoyed doing the web show. I am doing a film titled 'Thirty Five' in Telugu. There is a film coming up in Tamil. I have always worked non-stop since the age of 16.

My daughter is doing a filmmaking course. She is also interested in production works. She wants to be behind the camera for now. If something exciting comes up, she might act.

Social service is what I have done full-time. I have never regretted any decision that I have taken (on the politics front).

Updated on May 12, 2023