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'Aadikeshava' hits a crescendo as the climax nears: Director Srikanth Reddy


Srikanth N Reddy makes his feature film debut with 'Aadikeshava', slated to hit the cinemas on November 24. Starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela in the lead, the film is produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya of Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinema. In this interview, Srikanth talks about the film's highlights. He suggests that the climax fight is going to give a wow experience. An unapologetic entertainer, the film adheres to the commercial format. "I am a fan of commercial movies," Srikanth says.

Although I started out with the aim of making a novel film with experimental elements, I was advised not to opt for experimentation with my very first movie. I therefore ventured into the beaten path by making a bona fide commercial entertainer. I got to meet Naga Vamsi garu through Benny, who had wanted me to narrate a commercial film with scale.

When I wrote the story of 'Aadikeshava', I knew that its budget would be big. After listening to the story, Benny felt that the story suited Vaisshnav Tej. After we narrated the story to Naga Vamsi garu, he too opted for the same hero.

When I made short films, I gave precedence to humour. In writing 'Aadikeshava', I learned about the Mica extraction in mines in Jharkhand. I researched the uses of Mica. The extraction activities are harmful and result in deaths. For the luxury of one section of society, another section had had to undergo suffering working in the mines.

The audience can expect both entertainment and emotions. As the climax nears, the dramatization will reach a peak. That's what those who have watched the movie have told me. Everything that you expect from a commercial entertainer can be had in this one.

Vaisshnav Tej enjoyed working with me. He was always punctual and never had any issues.

Sree Leela's name is Chitra in the film. It was Naga Vamsi garu's pick to go with her. By then, 'Dhamaka' hadn't yet been released in theatres. The pairing of Tej and Sree Leela looks perfect and awesome.

In one of the fights, a tube light gets shoved into a baddie's mouth and the object comes ejected out from his back. I am aware that memers have had a field day making fun of the idea. The audience will enjoy watching the action in theatres.

GV Prakash Kumar's music is thorough. He is one of the most hardworking professionals out there. His background score will stand out. Dudley's cinematograpy is another breathtaking aspect.

I made my first short film on a budget of Rs 15,000. It was a successful short. A friend of mine turned into a producer. The film is yet to be released in theatres. He continues to pay interest on the finances he borrowed to do that movie. Knowing such things, there came a phase when the enormity of the path I had chosen dawned upon me.

Sithara Entertainments never asked me to reduce the scale of the movie. If 1000 extras were required to be on set, he allowed me to go for those many. The producer encouraged me to not bother about the budget. The artists I picked were onboarded in most of the cases. Only if the dates could not be secured did they give up.

Updated on November 23, 2023