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I am 100% confident about 'Bubblegum': Roshan Kanakala


'Bubblegum', the relationship drama, is all set to hit the cinemas on December 29. Newcomer Roshan Kanakala is paired up with debutante Maanasa Choudhary in this Ravikanth Perepu directorial. The rom-com has him portray aggression and indulge in dramatic acting. In this interview, the budding actor says that he has always wished to be in the limelight since his childhood. "I am enjoying this phase," Roshan says.

My grandpa used to run a film institute. He was an acting guru. I must say that I literally grew up in the film school he set up. Acting has always given me a sense of thrill. He did train me when he was alive. I also got trained in Los Angeles and later in Puducherry. I acted as a child artist in 'Nirmala Convent'. I am here to pursue my passion. I am chasing what thrills me. There is space for so many actors. I am making myself happy. Staying the course is something the future will tell.

I am a DJ in 'Bubblegum'. Sricharan Pakala brought in new sounds to suit the vibe of the character. The interval block score is surely going to generate goosebumps. The feelings of Aadi (my character) are made evident by the score.

Love is like bubblegum, something that tastes sweet at first and turns less tasty later. Some individuals manage to swallow it, while others spit it out. That's why the title. We did acting workshops before the start of the shoot. The credit goes to my director, Ravikanth. I didn't feel like a newcomer. Doing workshops is something I and the director agreed upon at the outset. The best thing I like about Ravikanth is that he is always open to suggestions. He is never egoistic. As for Maanasa, she is very good for a newcomer. She is always friendly. We got along well and has also dubbed for her character. Again, the credit goes to the writers for penning a strong character for the female lead. Ravikanth was by Maanasa's side during the dubbing stage.

Doing emotional scenes was a cakewalk for me. My previous training helped me a great deal. I enjoy doing such scenes.

I am prepared for any result. Positive criticism will help me improve myself. Learning is a life-long process. I am 100% confident about 'Bubblegum' in terms of content.

I got to meet with Chiranjeevi garu during the song launch of 'Izzat'. He told me an actor would have to sacrifice a lot to become successful. We got to meet with Nagarjuna garu, too. We did a fun reel with him on the sets of Bigg Boss.

My mother (Suma Kanakala) and father (Rajeev Kanakala) help me with acting tips. I am told my father had tears in his eyes while watching 'Bubblegum'. He is usually difficult to please and is mostly critical.

My skin colour has been mocked by many. In our country, negative comments against dark-skinned people are rampant. I used the platform provided by the film's pre-release event to make a statement against such a regressive mindset. It was not just about me. It's about everyone.

Updated on December 28, 2023