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'Tenant' is a realistic murder mystery: Satyam Rajesh


Satyam Rajesh awaits the release of 'Tenant' on April 19. In a previous interview about the movie, the senior artist commented that the film is for all sections of the family audience since it has got sentiment, emotion, suspense and other elements. Produced by Mogulla Chandrasekhar Reddy, the film co-stars Esther Noronha (as a cop), Megha Choudhary, Chandana Payyavula, and Bharat Kant. It is helmed by Y Yugandhar. Jemin Jom Ayyaneth (cinematographer), Vijay Mukthavarapu (editor), Robin Subbu (stunts) and YS Srinivas Varma (story writer) are working on the movie.

When I was young, I knew someone who was caught in a chain-snatching case. This side of him shocked me. He was from a well-off family. So, why did he do the offence? Just for the kick of it. 'Tenant' gives that feel while you watch it.

This is not a larger-than-life movie by any stretch. It is about characters who are like the people in our neighbourhood. Married couples might go through unresolved mental issues, for example. These issues simmer and become complicated. The experience of watching this movie will give you satisfaction.

The film has been given 'A' rating by the CBFC because we declined the option of blurring a gory frame. This is not a social-message film. This is not preachy. 'Tenant' has a commentary on what happens in the world we live in. The plot is relatable.

You won't find any conversation over the top or something. I have got to work with some fresh talents. Director Y Yugandhar's treatment adheres to realism. Not shot in the film was designed keeping the trailer in mind. The director's thoughts were focused.

If I have to compare the 'Polimera' duology with 'Tenant', I would say they are as different as they can be. The former were set in a different dimension. On the other hand, 'Tenant' is a murder mystery with minimal out-of-the-blue twists. The first 30 minutes will scare you. The next 30 minutes will be breezy. And the final stretch will make you tear up. It is a roller-coaster ride. The situations are edge-of-the-seat. We have dealt with a commonplace situation that happens in one out of ten families.

As an artist, I don't hanker after escapist fares that are high-budgeted. I have been doing offbeat films, among others. I will continue to do concept-based movies. There is an advantage with films that don't carry the burden of expectations. I look up to the likes of Raghuvaran and Prakash Raj. I don't like to repeat myself. For instance, I declined to do as many as fifty cop roles after 'Kshanam'.

'Maa Oori Polimera 3' is in the works. It will be announced in due course of time.

Updated on April 18, 2024