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Every action scene in 'Krishnamma' is driven by emotions: Satyadev


Satyadev is gearing up for the release of the rustic action drama 'Krishnamma', presented by director Koratala Siva. Mythri Movie Makers and Prime Show Entertainments are releasing the movie this May 10. Helmed by VV Gopalakrishna, this one is produced by Krishna Kommalapati of Arunachala Creations. Starring Athira Raj as the heroine, it also features Laxman Meesala, Krishna, Archana, Raghu Kunche, and Nandagopal. In this interview, Satyadev says that nothing is there in the film for the sake of it. Catch him talk about the film's merits at length.

I was the last one to be onboarded for this project. The entire technical team was ready by the time I came in. The makers then zeroed in on the lead actor. Producer Krishna Kommalapati, after listening to the story from the director, sought Koratala Siva garu's opinion for feedback. It might be cliched to say it, but the producer didn't back off from investing a bomb. He ensured that the backdrop is authentic. Everything was shot in Vijayawada.

Although the backdrop is Vijayawada, the film steers clear of the cliches (like rowdyism, group politics and goondaism) associated with the backdrop. Three male friends have humble origins and simple dreams. Their only focus is to lead a happy life with their small family. Even this natural dream is shattered. What they do when their lives are destroyed and what kind of role social circumstances play in this is the crux of the story. Bhadra (Satyadev's character) is so convincing that the audience will feel that his revenge-seeking is totally justified. He is lively and noisy. He is into Ganjai trading.

The action episodes (Prithvi Shekar is the action director) have an emotional drive. The audience will want Bhadra to beat the baddies to pulp and justifiably so. I had to work to get the slang, the body language. He is both arrogant and innocent. The character is rooted. The film takes a 12-year leap. After this, he develops a hunch and his demeanour is not as active as it was 12 years ago.

Although this is a fictional story, it is based on real-life incidents. The first half is spent in setting up the story, while the second half is full of pay-offs, which are going to generate goosebumps.

Our film has no parallels with any other movie where innocents are implicated in false cases. The core of the story is what is the case in which the three lead men get implicated, the consequences thereof, and the vengeance aspect.

Almost all artists, barring Athira, are Telugus in the film. She is a Malayali and her eyes are expressive. Most of the small artists are from Vijayawada. The audience are going to rave about Kaala Bhairava's music after watching the movie. The songs will work better while watching the movie.

'Full Bottle' is a complete crime comedy. It will be a total contrast compared to the intense and raw 'Krishnamma'. 'Full Bottle' will be a pole apart. In another film, I will be seen as a bank manager. I am trying everything under the Sun. Perhaps, this is also what the audience want from me.

After playing a powerful antagonist in 'GodFather' opposite Chiranjeevi garu, I can't do regular projects. I have to look for comparable roles. 'Ram Setu' (Hindi) gave me a lot of fame in the northern part of India. I haven't received roles on par with that from Bollywood. I had to forgo some projects even though the stories were good. Market-related constraints prevented me from doing so.

The second seasons of 'Locked' and 'Gods Of Dharmapuri' were announced. They are yet to take off. I don't know why so.  

Updated on May 8, 2024