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After Ishq, I realized my mistakes - Nithin


‘Jayam’, ‘Dil’ and ‘Sye’ were Nithin’s landmark films. After struggling for 7 long years he has regained his lost glory with ‘Ishq’ which also has all the necessary ingredients to qualify it as one more landmark film in his career. On the eve of his 29th birthday today, Nithin met the media at a conference on Thursday morning in Hyderabad to share his happy moments. Here are few excerpts:

'Ishq' is as important as 'Jayam'.
Speaking about his latest success, Nithin said, “‘Ishq’ is a very important film in my career because it has come at the right time and brought me the decent success after 7 long years. Henceforth I can mention about ‘Ishq’ just the way I mention about my first successful film ‘Jayam’. I took a break of one complete year with the intention of doing a love story film and finally I got the opportunity to do ‘Ishq’. This time I took enough care right from my outfits to dubbing. Today, I’m very happy when my seniors in the industry are calling me over phone and appreciating me about my looks and performance in ‘Ishq’.”

After 'Ishq', I realized my mistakes.
About the mistakes that he made in the past he commented, “I made few mistakes in the past.   Due to yearn for mass image, I did films that are beyond my age. After ‘Ishq’, I realized why they did not work out for me. The audience was bored of seeing me in those roles. I’ve understood that they want to see me only in love story films. Hence I decided to do films that are suitable for my age.  Of late the audiences prefer to watch films with simple stories without drama. So accordingly I’ll select those scripts that are a mix of love and entertainment only.”

Sri Anjaneyam and Takkari have deeply disappointed me.
Speaking about his failure films he said, “As far as I know I was never in a hurry anytime to choose the scripts. Infact I had very high hopes on films like ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ and ‘Takkari’ but for some reasons they have deeply disappointed me. Similarly the stories of ‘Seetaramula Kalyanam Lankalo’ and ‘Dhrona’ are actually good. But the movies could not reach the audience due to the circumstances at their release time. To tell the truth, I’m not able to feel the success of ‘Ishq’ completely now. When my following films will also become successful like ‘Ishq’, I’ll consider it as the real success.”

Ram Gopal Varma assured me of a good script.
About his future projects he said, “The success of ‘Ishq’ has boosted my mood to do films in a row. My next film will be under the direction of a new director Vijay. After that, I’m going to do a film under Bellamkonda Suresh’s production. There are also chances of doing films with directors like Nandini Reddy and Surender Reddy. Apart from all these, Ram Gopal Varma is planning another film with me. Earlier ‘Adavi’ in our combination became a failure. I predicted that film as failure while the movie was in making process. But this time he assured that it will not happen again.”

Planning for marriage next year.
When asked about his marriage Nithin concluded saying, ‘I’m planning to get married next year but I’m not sure whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged married.”

Updated on April 25, 2020