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Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

November 20, 2020
Bhavya Creations
Anand Devarakonda, Varsha Bollamma, Goparaju Ramana, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Chaitanya Garikapati, Divya Sripada, Mahipal, Seshu, Katta Anthony, R Prem Sagar, Prabhavathi Varma, Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, Revathinadha Pulipati, Lakshmi Sujata, Rahul Chandra, Satish Sharma, Jamuna Rayudu, Sudheer Bobby, Poorna Satyam,. K Masthan Rao, Sathiraju
Janardhan Pasumarthi
Janardhan Pasumarthi & Vinod Anantoju
Sunny Kurapati
Raviteja Girijala
Vivek Annamalai
Sanjana Srinivas
Janardhan Pasumarthi
Sanjana Srinivas
Sanapati Bharadwaj Patrudu, Sri Si Kiran & Kittu Vissapragada
Ramya Behara, Vijay Yesudas, Ram Miryala, Anurag Kulakarni & Sweekar Agasti
RH Vikram
Aditya Javvadi
Nagarjuna Thallapalli
Shyamal Sikdar
Knack Studios
Prime Focus
A Koteswara Rao
Pulagam Chinanarayana
Ananth Kancherla
Naresh Reddy Polasani
Anne Ravi
Arun Akula, Guni Manchikanti, Mahesh Mamidala, Nagaraju Bynaboyina, Sudheer Bobby Boddu & Sravan Kumar Bonda
Nanda Gopal Kurella
Sweekar Agasthi
Venigalla Ananda prasad
Vinod Anantoju

'Middle Class Melodies' is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The small-budgeted movie, produced by Bhavya Creations, is one of the few direct-to-streamer releases of the year. In this review, we tell you what the film is like and what to expect and not to expect from it.


Raghava (Anand Deverakonda), the son of a middle-class man (Goparaju Ramana) sets up a tiffin centre in Guntur against all odds in the hope that he will not only realize his childhood dream but also get to marry Sandhya (Varsha Bollamma), his 'maradalu' and secret girlfriend. But things are not so easy and his obstacles look stubborn. How he overcomes them, together with his parents and girlfriend, is the crux of the second half.


Anand delivers a largely okayish act. He was much better in 'Dorasaani', his debut movie. He offers sincerity, but the director should have extracted a more fleshed-out performance. Varsha Bollamma, who has played a full-fledged role for the first time since 'Chusi Choodangane', passes muster. Chaitanya Garikapati, who plays the male lead's trusted friend, is so-so. Divya Sripada, who has been seen of late in movies such as 'Colour Photo', is neat. Prem Sagar, Surabhi Prabhavati and others fit the bill. Tharun Bhascker plays a cameo.

Technical aspects

Sweekar Agasthi of 'Care Of Kancharapalem' implements the principle of minimalism once again. The 'Sandhya' song is a highpoint. Sunny Kurapati's cinematography is decent.

Plus Points

The last 20 minutes are meaty.

The idea of depicting the economic and other problems faced by typical lower-middle-class people is respectable.

The love story is realistic.

The element of projecting horoscope as unscientific is subtle but delivers the right message.

Minus Points

The film is generally slow-paced.

There is a strong Mollywood flavour hanging over the entire length of the film.

The behaviour of the elders of the lead pair is monotonous after a point.

The comedy is weak, by and large.

Raghava's problems get solved quite fast as the climax inches closer.


'Middle Class Melodies' works as a laid back OTT watch. Watch it while having snacks with pretty low expectations and it may not be unbearable. At the end of the day, it's shades better than a mediocre short film and would be quite off the mark if you expect a gripping narrative from it.

Rating: 2.5/5