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Why Hyderabad is meted with step motherly treatment by Centre: KTR


Hyderabad, November 2020: Sri. K.T. Rama Rao garu, Hon’ble Minister for MA & UD and IT Industries, Telangana; at an Exclusive Interactive Session, organized by Mr. Mir Nasir Ali Khan, Managing Director, MAK Projects Pvt. Ltd.; on "Transforming Hyderabad into a Global City", at Nizam Club, today.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Mir Nasir Ali Khan said, Sri. K.T. Rama Rao garu, is a one of his kind politicians with a fine blend of Business and political acumen, which is what makes him very special and rare breed of progressive leaders. Something unique about him is, he has the optimum perspective of what needs to be done as a leader, as a decision maker in the government to create the conducive environment for businesses to grow and contribute to the state and country’s development.

Hyderabad is a historic city and in the last six years Sri. K.T. Rama Rao, virtually transformed the city into a global destination for business from all over the world. The Business leaders from across the globe are enamored by his clear thoughts and actions and see tremendous promise and potential in this modern city, with its world class infrastructure and facilities.

The flow of investments in Telangana from top businesses are a testament to the fact of the confidence they repose in Sri. K.T. Rama Rao and his ability to deliver.

When businesses invest, they also look at parameters like law and order, safety, security, judiciary, infrastructure and Telangana scores at the top on all such factors, which is reassuring for the businesses.

Sri. K.T. Rama Rao said, when the new state of Telangana was formed there was lot of skepticism on what will happen, is it good, is it worthwhile, will the new state be viable, the politicians at the helm just before formation created a negative frenzy through rhetoric by nay Sayers and predicted a doom for the new state, flight of businesses and capital, power deficiency, law and order problems and lack of confidence in the capability of the people here to lead the state etc.

That was the scenario six years ago and we had to rise from that projection of despair and in the six years since than it has risen into a one of its kind cities.

Hyderabad is a rare city which is a combination of rich heritage and legacy and very modern vibe with new age symbols, you hardly find such a mix in the world. When we assumed office, we not only had to prove to them but to ourselves too. KCR is rooted to ground, he doesn’t speak about hi-fi things he is concerned about day-to-day problems plaguing common man be it power, water, support price etc., first thing with in six months of assuming office he did was, he sorted out the power issue, when we assumed office the installed capacity of power was 7000 mw, today it is 16000 mw.

There was this problem of people getting potable once in a fortnight in areas of Hyderabad. In the past 100 years after Nizam built reservoirs to address the water problem of the population of his time, no Chief Minister thought of this, but KCR was the one who thought of it and is building a drinking reservoir Keshavapuram reservoir which is going to be double the size of Gandipet and his plans are to have enough reservoirs to ensure Hyderabad doesn’t have a drinking water problem of till the year of 2050.

The city has grown at a breakneck speed in the last six years with world’s top business conglomerates having their next biggest offices here. KCR worked on this to make it possible for businesses to look at Hyderabad seriously, he brought in a legislation which no other CM did, giving permission within 15 days. He also brought in a self-certification, brought in accountability amongst officers.

All these three things brought in good amount of investment to the state, of course besides the infrastructure development to match the needs and law and order. He brought in police reformers, see the central command center, a survey has indicated that Hyderabad is the 16th most surveilled city in the world with 5 lakh cameras.

KCR strategically brought in several poor oriented schemes, to aid them to live a decent life, so that they are not deprived of basics and unrest is kept at bay and no one resorts to untoward things to lead their lives.

When some question me what I have done, I have a track record to show, I have done 67000 cr work in Hyderabad in 5-6 years, I am accountable, I would like to ask what they did in the 60-70 years they were ruling, why should you be voted. I ask Kishan Reddy, that I have done so much work, done 100 things, you showcase one thing which you did for Hyderabad, his response is, there is my share in everything you have done.

The people of Telangana paid the Government of India Rs 2,72,000 crs in the last 6 years, Government of India has given us only 1,40,000 crs. Telangana’s share is in the Gujarat roads, Varanasi development and all those, so Central Government should realize this.

They say this is Bin Laden, Babar vs Desh bakht, where have Bin Laden and all come in Hyderabad, this is local election please let the voter know what development work you will do, roads, water and day to day amenities.

If Rohingyas in Hyderabad, what is your Defense Minister and Home Minister and your own government doing, if there is infiltration in the country it is a slap on your face, it a shame on you, if you are doing your job well this shouldn’t happen.

They are just provoking people on religious line, it’s a sinister design and campaign, not good for Hyderabad and the country. Something wrong with the mental balance of the BJP local presidents, he tells kids to go on wrong side of the road, do triple riding, your Government brought the motor vehicle act. I am worried about such leaders becoming rulers, so my advice to voters is thing before you ink or vote.

Think twice before voting, which Hyderabad do you want, a peaceful Hyderabad which continues to grow, creates more jobs or Hyderabad which goes back to the age of curfews, everyday nonsense. We have seen up and downs in politics, we don’t want people to suffer, the fabric of the city should not be disturbed, please think, don’t get swayed.

Modiji promised depositing black money of Rs 15 lakhs in each bank accounts, where is it, after Corona they said 20 lakh cr. package, did anyone get that. So, I would like to tell the leaders coming from Delhi, that they should say thanks to Telangana people before going back, because we contribute the taxes for the country’s development.

Let’s debut on policies, on jobs, economy, no they say act of god. The 8 quarters of slow down before Corona landed this country in recession. Because of the disastrous economic policies pursued by Hon’ble PM and his team, our GDP is less than Bangladesh and Sri Lanka today.

They do right wing politics and left-wing economics, a combination which is deadly, the economy was progressing well, and this slowed down it. Modi saab said we will create 2 cr jobs every year we should have had 12 cr jobs by now, leave aside 12 crs, we lost existing jobs, please come let’s discuss on jobs, economy, they will not, they will discuss only Hindu-Muslim, show Muslims as enemies of the country, grab votes and vanish.

Modi saab brought several new programs, sit India, Stand India and many more the new program is Becho India. That why I am saying socho India, that’s why please don’t rush, think and vote.

This sort of rhetoric is unacceptable. Modi saab emphasizes on Vocal for Local, in Telangana we are local, do you want gully boys or Delhi boys. The Delhi tourists will come and go, we will be here.

When floods affected us we helped people, where were these leaders than, CM asked for relief from Centre, its more than 8 weeks not a pie was given, but in Karnataka on the 4th day of flood 669cr were paid, Gujarat got Rs 500 cr relief, why this step motherly treatment for us, are we not part of India.

Will you trust the people who come during election, who are not around during our distress, people who divide us? On one side you have decisive leader and on another divisive politics, which one do you want. Don’t get carried away by propaganda.

Kindly bless a progressive leader our CM. My biggest complaint against Hyderabadi’s is you won’t come out to vote, in rural areas we have 80-90% voting, in Hyderabad it doesn’t cross 45%. Good at sharing WhatsApp, twitter messages, please come out and support for city’s growth.

Updated on November 26, 2020