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Mani’s money problem disappoints Mahesh Babu

The high flying director who has contributed heavily to the film industry through repeated block-busters for more than 2 decades is now getting into a 2nd line due to massive flops through his recent films. After the block-buster ‘Guru’, Maniratnam is yet to present another product of his class. His movies usually take long time to finish and thus the hard work of more than 2 years for ‘Raavan’ when failed to achieve results, the corporate houses who have a good control over today’s film financing are thinking twice to put their wet on Maniratnam.

Now, the grapevine is that Mani’s new project in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously is finding it difficult to come out of the closet. While Vijay was to do the Tamil version titled ‘Ponniyan Selvan’, Mahesh Babu was very excited to do the Telugu version which is yet untitled. But as the days passed by, money appears to be finding it difficult to flow towards Mani. So Mani’s money (approximately Rs 100 crores) problem may disappoint both the heroes, not to say of their fans who outnumbered others heroes in their respective states.