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Nagababu rubbishes rumors on Pawan’s political entry

For the past few weeks, Pawan Kalyan has been hogging all the news headlines on the web as well as TV channels. His speech in the recent ‘Attharintiki Daaredhi’ success meet has created sensation. This apart, his meeting with Ramoji Rao and a flexy with Pawan Kalyan and Balakrishna images at Vijayawada have created enough evidences for gossip mongers that the actor is all set to make his entry into politics. But today, Nagababu has put an end to the speculation by releasing a press note. In his letter he mentioned, “I and Pawan Kalyan deny the rumors about our political entry. We also condemn the rumor about our joining Telugu Desam Party. It’s not fare for the media to spread one such news without our concent and permission, due to which fans and public are getting confused. At present our focus is on our profession. Therefore I hope fans and people will understand the fact.”

However, Pawan is yet to react on this matter. So it’s remained to be seem if he will come out with a statement personally.