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Keeravani to end his musical journey in Dec 2016

Swaravani M M Keeravani is set to end his film journey in December 2016 with 'Baahubali' as his last film. The musician announced his retirement saying that he would bid adieu to his almost three decades of musical journey. 'Baahubali' will also be the last film in the super duper hit combination SS Rajamouli-MM Keeravani. Similarly Keeravani rendered several musical hits in K Raghavendra Rao's combination too. To name a few, 'Pelli Sandadi', 'Allari Priyudu', 'Sundara Khanda', 'Allari Mogudu', 'Major Chandrakath', 'Bombai Priyudu', 'Annamayya', 'Sri Ramadasu', 'Gharana Mogudu', etc.

MM Keeravani started his film journey in 1987 and travelled with several ace directors in his long film journey. Interestingly his cousin SS Rajamouli did all his films with him only and all have turned out to be the biggest musical hits. The 53 year old did not give any reason currently for his retirement. So we may have to wait for some more time to know the real cause.