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'Love Boom' on March 20

‘Love Boom’, starring Bharat Bhushan, Milan, Rithu, Heuyan P and Chiya in the lead roles, has completed all formalities and is getting ready for release on March 20. The film is being produced by T Chalapathi under Chalapathi Cine Films banner with Nagesh Naradasi as director. Hollywood actress Chatcha Patumthip has played one of the female lead roles in the film. Recently the makers have changed the ‘Boom Boom’ title as ‘Love Boom’ which is perfectly apt to the story.

Producer T Chalapathi updated saying, “The story of ‘Love Boom’ is based on how selfishness changes the attitude of the people. The entire story is in Paris backdrop. Love played an important role in the film. Hence, we have changed the title ‘Boom Boom’ as ‘Love Boom. At present, the film has completed all formalities and is coming to the audience on March 20.”

Director Nagesh Naradasi said, “We have made the film lavishly at beautiful locations of Bangkok, Malaysia and Thailand. The film is coming to the audience with a never touched point. We are hoping that audience will encourage us by making the film a big hit.”

Cast and crew of the film: Bala Krishna, Narendra, Lanka Satish, Hewn fee, Chiya and some others.

Music: Subash Anand; Producer: T Chalapathi; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Nagesh Naradasi.