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Jungle Book in Telugu

Jungle Book, the ever entertaining story for children and old alike, finds Hyderabad's own Sanmkalph Vayuputra playing a key role in its latest feature film avatar. The just ten years old Sanmkalph has given voice in telugu to the lead character of this more than hundred years old classic!

Relatively new to the craft, Sanmkalph has stunned the unit members of the Hollywood biggie with his impressive voice, clarity, emotive capabilities and command over telugu language.

The same technicians have felt that the telugu version of the present edition of "Jungle Book" might be the closest to the english original due to such fantastic contributions by young wizards like Sanmkalph.

Voices of hundreds of telugu kids from both the Telugu states and also spread across the globe were tested for this prestigious venture, and it finally fell into the lap of young Sanmkalph.

In this age of english medium studies and acronym based communication, Sanmkalph's understanding, grasp and expression of subtle language nuances surprised all the technicians involved with the project including the dubbing experts.

Sanmkalph's first step in this highly technical branch of filmmaking will surely take him a long way, most of them opined.

Of course, he has claim to a very senior and much awarded pedigree in this particular branch as he is none other than the son of reputed telugu voice artist, Nagarjuna Vayuputra!

Written by Rudyard Kipling in1894, based on his childhood and life in India, 'Jungle Book' has since then captured the hearts and minds of generations across the globe regardless of boundaries and cultural barriers, rendering Mowgli, Baghira, Bhalu and other characters part of every home!

Releasing on this April's 15th worldwide, Mowgli's this outing is produced by Disney.

The only human character of the film, Mowgli, is played by an Indian born debutant Neil Sethi.

While Priyanka Chopra and other Bollywood biggies have rendered voice support to the Hindi version, the original English version is dubbed by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Ben Kingsley, Idris Alba, Bill Murray and others.