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‘Chandrullo Unde Kundelu’ Ready For Censor Process


Starring Kranthi Chand, Avitej, Pradeep, Arjun, Koyal Das and Supurna in the lead roles, ‘Chandrullo Unde Kundelu’ is ready for the censor process. Directed by Venkata Reddy Usirika, the film is being made under Sri Siddhi Seven Hills Creations banner with Meghana, Srujana, Prathyusha and Jashwanth as presenters. Dhana Srinivas Jami and Lakshmi Venkat Reddy are jointly producing the film.

Updating the progress of the film, director Venkata Reddy Usirika said, “The film ‘Chandrullo Unde Kundelu’ is being made as love and family entertainer. Post-production works have been completed and ready to send the film for censor process. All artists in the film have given excellent performance. Actors like Thagubothu Ramesh, Kadambari Kiran and Sapthagiri along with the senior and famed actors like Ranganath, Suman, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani and Rajiv Kanakala have acted in the film. It will stand out as big plus to the film. Damu Narravula’s cinematography and Vijay Gorthi’s music will stand out as big assets. We are able to complete the film within the estimated time and budget, only with the support of cast and crew of the film. The film came out wonderfully and we are very confident that the film will impress all sects of audience. It can be watched by the whole family together. After completing the censor formality, we will announce the release date.”

Pavani Reddy, Pamela, KS Ranganath, Suman, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani, Rajiv kanakala, Satagiri, Shakalaka Shankar, Tagubothu Ramesh and Kadambari Kiran and some others are part of the film.

Editing: MR Varma; Art: Sivakamesh Doddi and Rajiv Nair; Lyrics: Srimani and Karunakar Adigarla; Fights: Vijay, Jashuva and Rambabu; Dance: Swarna, Nixon, Kiran and Raju; Music: Vijay Gorthi; Director of Photography: Damu Narravula; Producers: Dhana Srinivas Jami and Lakshmi Venkat Reddy; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues: Viswanath; Director: Venkata Reddy Usirika.