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Unknown secret about 'Pokiri' revealed


The climax of 'Pokiri' was a 'paisaa vasool' moment. Puri Jagannadh's treatment of the revelation about Mahesh Babu's character became a rage with the audience. There is an unknown secret about the climax.

In his recent interview, Editor Marthand K Venkatesh revealed that, originally, the climax was 17-20 minutes long. Venkatesh, who has a sharp eye for pacing, advised Puri to cut it short to 7 minutes. This is how the climax became crisp.

A lot of CG shots were canned on Mahesh Babu. Venkatesh told the director that they were not looking good at all. "I told him not to spoil the viewer's experience by including them in the final cut," the Editor revealed.