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Telugu Twitter makes fun of Thalapathy Vijay like never before!


Thalapathy Vijay has been facing huge bouts of trolling on Telugu Twitter ever since Mahesh Babu's 'Pokiri' was re-released recently. The Tamil remake of 'Pokiri' was headlined by Vijay. Many Netizens started posting clips from the remake to make fun of how Vijay was horrible in the remake.

This triggered a wave of many more clips from other Vijay films. Trolls started pulling out old movie clips in which Vijay's performance was awkward or over-the-top.

Netizens are saying that Telugu trolls take out their anger on the 'Sarkar' and 'Bigil' actor whenever India loses a cricket match. There is no connection between the two, but it is a coping mechanism for Telugu trolls to keep themselves entertained after a cricket match disappoints them.

By the way, 'Thalapathy' is being called 'Head Husband' now, since 'Thala' and 'Pathy' mean 'Head' and 'Husband' in Telugu.

The failure of 'Beast' has really made Vijay the butt of jokes.