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Bigg Boss Telugu: Where are the non-entertainers gone?


The maiden episode of the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu was aired on Sunday (Sept 4). The list of contestants suggests that the show's priority lies in offering one-note or two-note entertainment and nothing else. Most of them are roped in with the hope of using them to mine controversies.

There was a time when the likes of Babu Gogineni and (Late) Mahesh Kathi were on board. It's not like they are thorough intellectuals. The latter was controversial but he was still an outsider in the world of entertainment. Gogineni is a regular "rationalist", but there at least was an attempt to offer something different from the run-of-the-mill dosage of entertainment. Devi Nagavalli, who participated in the fourth season, was another example.

Bigg Boss has ceased to platform such contestants. Commenting on the same, blogger Kartik Dayanand says, "Babu Gogineni was the X-Factor of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Haven't seen a similar contestant in the seasons post that. They have been focusing only on entertainers post that. No hope from Bigg Boss Telugu 6 either. I think Devi Nagavalli was another candidate. We need more people like her and Babu Gogineni."