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Netizens ask AR Rahman not to be insensitive


Earlier this month, AR Rahman's concert in Chennai became a mega flop in terms of crowd control and security of women. It has been alleged and asserted by media reports that the event saw groping incidents, leaving many women and girls in tears.

On Sunday night, the legendary composer posted a video clip of the concert's highlights. Through the social media post (which has gathered 1.8 million views so far on Twitter), Rahman wanted to convey the impression that the concert was a grand success. However, the post has angered many. The composer, while posting the tweet, turned off replies predicting negative comments. The quote-tweets, however, are full of criticisms. Some of them even shamed Rahman.

"Just so people know, this is a concert where countless girls and women were molested and groped. This is Mr A R Rahman acknowledging their ordeal in a most graceful, dignified, and empathetic manner," sarcastically commented Abhinav Agarwal. "Rahman needs to fire his PR team. Whoever is advising him is doing an atrocious job. All that goodwill he painstakingly earned over the years taking a hit because he just can't acknowledge that the organizers screwed up. Everything they have done post that has only made it worse," wrote another Twitter user.