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Popular YouTuber, reviewer Angry Rantman is no more


Angry Rantman is quite popular on social media, especially among movie buffs. Abhradeep Saha is his actual name. The news is that he passed away today following his battle with multiple organ failure at Narayan Cardiac Centre in Bengaluru. The youngster had undergone a valve replacement surgery, which resulted in post-surgical complications.

"He is in a really critical situation with a life-saving support system. Pray for his faster recovery," his father wrote on social media recently. Unfortunately, the prayers of his fans were not answered.

His followers have been posting their sincere condolences. "Gone too soon. Indian YouTube lost a creator who was known for speaking his mind without fearing anyone. No huge setup, no green screen, no fancy visuals. Just his phone's front camera was enough," wrote Malhar on X.

Angry Rantman believed in a dramatic style of reviewing movies. If he hated a movie, he would trash it while displaying angry histrionics. He would passionately bash Bollywood filmmakers and often endorse the action entertainers made by southern Indian filmmakers.